Inspire you to perform to your God-given abilities. Trexo is derived from the Greek word τρέχω which means "to run; to give effort; to strive". Inspired by Philippians 4:13 and with an emphasis on the Cross, Trexo means "to run; to give effort; to strive… through the power of Christ!" And our motto is: Train Hard, Pray Hard™.


Increase the acknowledgment of the presence of God in sports and fitness. The TREXO cross on our clothing is an acknowledgment of the presence and sovereignty of God in our daily lives. And it is a reminder of where our inspiration and strength comes from in our efforts.


Invest in the Kingdom. In addition to promoting Christian principles in our activewear clothing line, TREXO GEAR is called to help others less fortunate in the world. Therefore, we are honored to donate 15% of profits to national and global Christian charities. Details can be found on our Giving Back page.


As an organization headquartered in the United States, Trexo Gear is proud that our activewear is made here as well. All of our high-performance activewear garments are cut and sewn in the USA. So by sporting TREXO GEAR you are also helping to provide good-paying local jobs in a safe working environment.

High-Performance Men's and Women's Christian Activewear

Inspired by Philippians 4:13 and derived from the Greek word "Τρέχω" which means to run or to strive. TREXO GEAR is introduced and inspires athletes "to run; to give effort; to strive... through the Power of Christ!"

Activewear With a Purpose ™

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Made in the USA